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RINE surf school !!

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Welcome to Rine Surf School

Let’s enjoy the beach,

the waves the sea and the ocean

of Izu with surfing and

stand-up paddle surfing!

Surfing lessons

・90min  lesson for more than 2 people

10,000 Yen per person

・90min of private lesson

11,000 Yen

・Beginner’s Mastering

Course For those who wish to practise

a lot 3 lessons of 90min

30,000 Yen per person

・Surfboard Rental For those who are taking a lesson

2,000 Yen For a rental only 3,000 Yen

・Wetsuit Rental For those who are taking a lesson

1,000 Yen For a rental only 2,000 Yen

Stand-Up Paddle

( SUP )




SUP is a simple sport.

All you need to do is to stand up

on a stable board and paddle


It is suitable/

recommended for those

who are not confident with

their physical strength

and for elderly people.


Courses for Stand-up paddle surfing are available

From children to elderly

anybody can easily learn stand-up paddle surfing

I believe the beautiful

sea of Izu will heal your soul

Let’s go out for a slow walk

on this clear beautiful ocean.


・1 hour course

7,000 Yen per person

・2 hours course

9,000 Yen per person 

The price includes

a board and a wetsuit rental


・The price includes board

and wetsuit rental There is no board and

or wetsuit rental available without a lesson for stand-up paddle surfing.


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