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RINE International surf school !!

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Hello Taka!

Thank you for the lesson for my three daughters in July. Your technique is great – they were immediately catching waves and felt confident from the start. You did a great job keeping all three safe and having fun!

Cheers from New York City!



Perform at Kisami Ohama Beach or Tatado Beach!!

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Welcome to Rine Surf School

Enjoy Izu’s beautiful beaches,

waves, and  ocean with us.

Come relax with nature while

you surf and stand-up paddle !

Surfing Lessons

・90min.  Lesson for 2 or More People:

10,000 yen per person

・90min.  Private Lesson:

11,000 Yen

・Master the Basics:

For beginners who  want a lot of

practice ! Three 90 min. lessons:

30,000 yen per person

・Surfboard Rental:

2,000 yen for students taking lessons or

3,000 yen for rental only

・Wetsuit Rental:

1,000 yen for students taking a lesson

or 2,000 yen for rental only


Stand-Up Paddle( SUP )


SUP is a simple —

All you need to do is to stand up

on a stable board and paddle!!


We recommend SUP for our

older guests and those who 

think they may not be

physical up for full-on 



Courses for Stand-up paddle surfing are available

for all ages, children to seniors. Anybody can

 learn stand-up paddle surfing. It’s easy!

I truly believe the beautiful ocean waters of Izu

will heal your soul.

Won’t you join me for a slow stroll together on

this clear, beautiful ocean?


・1-Hour Course:

8,000 yen per person

・1-Hours 30min Course:

10,000 yen per person

Our price include

board and a wetsuit

rental as a package.


・*We do not offer stand-up paddle

surf board or wetsuit rental

separately without a lesson.


Call or Mail us now !!

Welcome my guest house!!


It’s California modern style .

Near the beach, and come many people and silent place.


1person ¥10,000 (other costumer share)


・ One-building rental, one group charter (10 people in total) ¥ 150000

Max 20 people stay


Use for charter training in groups and companies.
Many people are staying for a long time using telework.
Wifi is available and free space is also available.
If you would like to contact us, we have a discount system, so please feel free to contact us! !!   

Free WiFi


Tatado and Irita and Ohohama near the beach.

Room Amenities

All 8 rooms feature modern comforts with free WiFi. Guests will also find kitchen, hair dryers, and showers.


Check-in time ends at 7 PM

Check-in time starts at 4 PM


Check-out time is 10:00 AM

Payment types

Cash only

Children and extra beds

  • Children are welcome.

You need to know

Quietly after 9 o’clock

Not reserved

We also rent bicycles for free.

With this, you can freely go sightseeing in Shimoda and other sightseeing spots.

with 7 gears

(The number is limited, so reservations are required (up to 4 units).

Marine masters
Rine Surf School
153-3 Kisami Shimoda City

What is the specialty of this instructor?

Professional Surfer


Takamitsu Shinji




Born in 1982. I am from Izu, Shizuoka prefecture. Patagonia Ambassador. ISA certified Surf Coach, LEVEL 2 JPSA Certified Professional Surfer, NSA Certified Instructor, Surfing Maritime Safety Instructor. Major Achievements : World Junior Championships entry in1996. All Japan Championship Boys Class champion in 1998, World Championship Portugal participation. All Japan Championship Junior Class champion in 1999, World Junior Championship Australia entry in 2000, World Championship Brazil entry. All Japan Junior Championship 2nd place in 2011. Acquiring JPSA official professional qualifications, WQS Rally in 2010. Establishment of RINE Surf School in 2014 and YSC surf coaching. I had started surfing since the early age and I achieved solid results at the World Junior Championship and All Japan Championship in my amateur period. I am now active as JPSA professional surfer and a travel surfer.


I often played in the sea and I started surfing because there was a sea and a surfboard. As I grew up in Izu, Shizuoka, affluent with natural essence, I entered the sea everyday. While participating in numerous contests domestically and overseas, I feel surfing life even at trips and free surfing. Recently, I have started activities at my RINE Surf School. While working as a coach, I am focusing on the development of surfing culture, improvement of surfing technology, and training of kids. At my school, I only run small and personal lessons, so that everyone can enjoy. When, what time to start and how long depends on students’ convenience. School accepts only 1 group at a time and 1 instructor teaches less than 7 students. (ISA authorized lesson method.) Everyone enjoys at the same time instead of taking turns. I continue to support even after school by e-mail, phone, etc. I know how to improve well, so I can teach even intensively, for a person who is eager to achieve higher stages, though I generally offer simple and easy methods to improve and let enjoy, for children, women, elderly people, who are not confident about their physical strength. Above all, I never miss safety aspects for those who are not good at water.
I have been conducting a school in a slightly different way from others with my study in specialized coaching. You go along with the enhanced special teaching method. I’d like to teach as many people as possible how to enjoy surfing and that’s why I am waiting for your at RINE Surf School.

My recommendations

The most favorite place in Shimoda
Our specialties!
What is different from others is that I can make a schedule at your convenience even if you are a small number of people. As it is a school under the new guidance method, namely surf coaching, you can enjoy different feelings in terms of safety, improvement and guiding quality.
The most favorite spot in the ocean of Shimoda and what makes the spot so special
My favorite sea in Shimoda is Kisami Ohama Beach. Because I was born and raised in this beach.

This instructor is guiding this program.


The most popular course for beginners.


We must learn manners and rules.


Entrance to the sea, ways of making turns, etc.